AI-powered worksheets to reinforce knowledge and save time on paperwork

Provide student with individualized interactive activities reinforcing knowledge and save dozens of hours on time-consuming mundane paperwork.

Worksheet showcase

Create worksheets with AI assistant

Assistant guides the student, asks questions to reinforce knowledge, discusses the topic with student to find alternative approaches and provides support when needed.

Chat assistant discussing how 1984 influences society with the student
Assessment generated for student and teacher

Autogenerated formative assessment

After student submits filled worksheet, both you and the student receive formative assessments in the app and via email. You as a teacher are always in control and have many ways to provide your own feedback, and communicate with the student

Reduce time on paperwork & prepare targeted lessons

Teachers can now save time on paperwork and focus on preparing targeted lessons with Insights. With Insights, you can:

  • Quickly generate reports for ILPs
  • Find out, what your students struggle with to focus on in the next lesson
  • Prepare notes for parent's evenings
  • Generate report card comments
  • Summarize your class/students progress over time
Report generated of query: generate a summary for each of my students (4 - 6 sentences) about their progress over the last month.